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Endo Industries

Endo is a biotech company focused on creating an advanced breeding platform and providing tissue culture services for high value crops such as coffee, hemp and cannabis.



Goodly is a student loan repayment service that allows employers to make contributions to student loan servicers as an employee benefit.


Ivy Food Tech

Ivy Food Tech an information exchange network for food supply chains, starting by automating document receiving, filing and sending.



Patch'd is a medtech company that detects sepsis using artificially intelligent algorithms and a simple device to prevent the disease, the number one cause of death in hospitals.


Rain Neuromorphics

Rain is a microchip company that builds brain inspired processors for artificial intelligence.



Snappr is the largest on demand photography platform in the US and Australia connecting photographers and clients.  

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Yaza is a new kind of utility that combines your experiences with those of your friends to create searchable, interactive maps that show you not just where places are, but what they are like and how they make you feel.


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Cirrus Identity

Cirrus Identity is the Swiss army knife of cloud-hosted digital identity management solutions that unifies web and consumer Single Sign On.



CoinRoutes is an exchange-agnostic, network-deployed software service that helps cryptocurrency traders simplify and consolidate market data and provides tools for traders to optimally create orders across exchanges.



ConciergeBot is an artificially intelligent virtual concierge for vacation rental hosts and their guests, available on Amazon Echo (Alexa) or via FB Messenger and SMS. 



CultureForce curates unique and memorable experiences for businesses to help them attract and retain the best talent.


Pay By Group

Pay By Group is a white-label checkout option that integrates with merchant websites to let consumers pay together online like they can in person.



Plexus is a high-performance, affordable haptic glove for VR & AR applications offering 50x the performance for 1/10th the cost.



Reflect is a mental health platform that reimagines in-person therapy to be more accessible and effective by using data-driven matching to increase engagement between sessions and improve outcomes.


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Dwell City

A platform that makes real estate investment seamless by connecting investors directly with developers.



A portal for LGBTQ information, events, travel and social meet-ups expanding into the US from South America.



An automated system for managing speed dating and professional networking events that matches people based on their answers to revealing questions.



An artificial intelligence powered video analytics, licensing and content marketing platform for brand marketers to drive product sales with brand safe user generated video content on social media.



A cybersecurity platform for cloud-based businesses bundled with highly-adaptive insurance products that save money and provide peace of mind.